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March 29, 2009 by Brian Rock

Although I tried to keep my blog moving through the new year, it just didn’t happen.  Now that classes have started with Rutgers, I’m working feverishly on the yearbook, and I’m constantly after school tutoring students, I just don’t have the time or energy to devote to daily or regular blogging.

The solution I came up with a few weeks ago was to shift my efforts from a singular blog to a multitude of “mini-sites.”  The first of these was about tax credits and tax benefits for higher education.

Although I’m pleased with the site, I neglected the promotion part of things.  I didn’t plan on promoting it a ton, but I did plan on writing some articles on AC, posting some articles elsewhere, and building up a small link profile to the site.  Again, real life intervened and I lost momentum shortly after the site went up.

This portfolio is now an attempt to refocus myself on these mini-sites.  It won’t be regularly updated like my old blogs.  It will simply be updated when I do some work on an existing project (like Education Tax Credits) or start working on a new project.

In a month or so, I should have a pretty healthy amount of free time.  I’ve got some ideas floating around, and hopefully that free time can turn into some productivity.


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