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July 9, 2011 by Brian Rock

I forgot I started this blog/portfolio so long ago. I was looking through links to my photography portfolio site, and I saw this in the results and thought… huh. I should go write something.

Two years ago, I made a note that I’d hit a bench mark at Associated Content – 100,000 page views. As they say, there’s nowhere to go but up. I still write new articles from time to time, and I’m up to 136 published articles at the moment. But, more impressively, my page views has risen to 350,000. That bumped me, a while ago, to clout 9.

By the end of the summer, I want to publish a bunch more. If I hit about 175 – 185 articles, that should give me enough bonus page views to reach Clout 10. With that, I’ll get the max payout of $2.00 / 1,000 page views.

It hasn’t all been gravy, though. The Google update earlier this year screwed some stuff up. People were afraid it would hurt page views on AC and it surely did. Before the Google update, I was getting enough steady pageviews to average $20/month in performance payments. After the update, my pageviews got cut nearly in half and my average dropped to about $10/month.

They’ve improved a little bit since then, but certainly not back to where they were. Oh well, I’ll have to write some more stuff I guess…

By the by, check out my profile and read some of my latest articles over there.


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