The Fickle Whims of Google – Or How It Almost Killed My Blog


July 9, 2011 by Brian Rock

Earlier this year, Google updated its search algorithm. The point was to reduce the importance of “content farms” like eHow and Mahalo. These post a ton of bogus content targeting every keyword imaginable, and they rake in some advertising revenue from the search traffic.

I’m not entirely certain if it’s related to the algorithm update or that it was just a fluke coincidence, but my photography blog nearly got torpedoed by Google in March.

Inexplicably, my search engine traffic (which was just under 100 visits/day at the time) stopped. Completely, suddenly, instantly. I don’t know why.

I didn’t get a message in my Google Webmasters dashboard. I didn’t get an e-mail. There was no evidence my site had been hacked and that it was spamming people (which had happened to another of my projects in the past). I requested that my site be reconsidered through Google Webmaster Tools, but I have no idea if that actually did anything… because Google won’t talk to you.

This was rather discouraging, and I simply gave up posting for a while. Then, one day, magically, without any sort of reason, the traffic re-appeared. Google turned back on. And, just as quickly as the flow of search engine traffic had stopped, the site was back to 100+ visits a day.


One thought on “The Fickle Whims of Google – Or How It Almost Killed My Blog

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Grrrrr….like indie artists don’t have enough trouble getting their work out there, raising their profiles…now we have Google experimenting with the taps, turning them on and off.

    Hang in there…

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