My Latest Project: Tech and Teaching

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November 18, 2012 by Brian Rock

Screenshot of the website Tech and Teaching.I haven’t had the will to publish much online since my photography site got blasted by the Google Penguin update. But, I guess it was only a matter of time before the bug caught up with me again and I tried putting together a new project.

Some day, I might go back and re-vamp Digital Photography How To. I still want to write about photography, and I think that can be a) interesting, b) informative, and c) profitable.

But, for the moment, I’m focusing on other topics. I’ve had a few ideas banging around in my head for a while – a site about education and technology, a site preparing students for the AP Government test, a site about primary documents for social studies classes. I ended up settling on a project about educational technology – Tech and Teaching.

A couple motivations lie behind this. First, I was inspired by Scott McLeod’s post about how many teacher’s lack basic technology skills. I see this problem every day at school, and I’m constantly teaching my colleagues (and my students) basic things about how the internet and computers work. So, I thought a collection of simple tips might make for a good stream of posts on a blog, bringing the idea of ed tech to the less tech savvy teachers.

I’m also working on my doctorate at Rutgers, and I wanted a place to share my research, write about other research, and just generally think out loud about education and technology. So some of the posts on the site will be about educational technology research.

Ultimately, though, I want to take a different approach with this site. Unlike sites I’ve worked on in the past, I’m not going to rely on Google for all my traffic. I want to get involved with social media (since I’ve been kind of behind the times for a few years now) and use that to enter the conversation about ed tech. Hopefully, that’ll keep my little (for now) site on the map and I can make this thing successful.


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