Theme Problems, Working on a New Theme, and ComLuv

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December 8, 2012 by Brian Rock

Last weekend, I was doing some work on my educational technology blog. Thought I was just going to make a quick post, make a few comments around the blogosphere, and then move on to other things.

But then, I noticed some really wonky stuff going on. When I was logged in, everything looked fine. When I viewed the blog in a logged out browser (Google Incognito works great for this), it wasn’t working right. The latest posts weren’t showing up in the index, and the “Recent Posts” widget wasn’t always showing the right stuff, either.

I spent a bit trying to figure out why, and I eventually came to the (erroneous) conclusion that it was the theme. So I threw up the default WordPress theme and started work on a new one. Hopefully, today, I’ll be able to head over there and unveil the new theme.

Comment Luv (and Problems)

Last weekend, I also made the move to install the CommentLuv plugin on my blog. I hoped it might increase comments, kick starting things on my young blog. I also plan on writing some guest posts at the CommentLuv network, and this requires you to have CommentLuv installed on your own blog.

All in all, I’m happy with the decision. I have gotten some comments, and it seems that the guest posters at ComLuv do get some views and comments whenever they post. So by Christmas, I plan on submitting a guest post there and getting the ball rolling.

But, here there were some more problems. One of the commenters informed me that he got an error: “Parsing JSON request failed.” I tried fiddling with the CommentLuv settings, disabled, re-enabled, reset. Nothing.

The Culprit? WP Super Cache

The problem turned out to be a plug-in – WP Super Cache. It also turns out that this was causing the problem last weekend with the indexes and recent posts not working properly.

I went into the settings and purged the cache, and everything worked wonderfully.

The weirdest thing? The plug-in wasn’t even activated. Hmm… don’t know what that’s about. I un-installed it, and when I have enough traffic to justify some cache-ing I’ll re-install it (or a similar plug-in).

Round Up of Posts

And finally, here’s a round-up of what I’ve written in the past few weeks since I’ve posted on here:

And there’s some other stuff there.

Goals for the Weekend

Finish up my new theme. I’ll post a screenshot and link here when it’s done.

Write up some posts. I’ve been slacking on the research and opinion, partly because I’ve been busy working on the theme.

Create a Slidecast. I read some stuff about Slideshare last weekend that made me curious. I’m going to experiment with a slidecast for my photography blog.


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