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December 16, 2012 by Brian Rock

Just a quick blurb about some articles I wrote for Yahoo! Contributor Network this week.

I mentioned in a previous post that I had written an article for an assignment on Yahoo! Voices. That article is now published on Yahoo! Homes, so check it out: “First Person Building a Backyard Firepit in a Weekend.”

I also picked up a performance view assignment this morning, “Your Favorite College Football Moment in 2012.” These assignments are more like researched headlines – I didn’t get an upfront payment, and the editors didn’t review it before it went live.

But I had a fun time writing the article, “Wisconsin Stuns the Nation, Destroys Nebraska in Big Ten Championship Game.” Sometimes I get so caught up in marketing, keyword research, and whatnot that I forget… it’s fun to write about stuff you like! Maybe it’ll get some views and I’ll earn some money from the article.

But I suppose in the long term, more writing = more assignment opportunities. So here’s to thinking long term.


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