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December 17, 2012 by Brian Rock

Ironic. A few hours after I posted about my Slideshare experiment on Saturday, I got an e-mail.

Your presentation 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers is featured on the SlideShare homepage.

Kudos from our editorial team for your effort. Your presentation was chosen from the thousands uploaded to SlideShare everyday from across the world.

I was surprised. The presentation was a week old. It was getting some views, but I didn’t think it was doing anything special. Apparently the editors liked it, though.

Screenshot of Slideshare Homepage

How Did I Get There?

Well, I’m not entirely sure. I was caught quite off guard, but after watching this for the past few days I’ve got a few insights into the process.

Views don’t get you there. I’ve read that hot presentations with views get featured. Not so. I only had ~300 views when I got put on the front page, and I’ve seen other presentations start there with less than 100.

It’s not just brand new presentations. My presentation was a week old before it got featured. Some are much older. So clearly something happens that makes the editors feature older presentations.

It’s curated. The editors choose what to put there, it’s not just an algorithm that picks out hot presentations. My guess is that they look at the feed of new presentations and hot presentations. Then they pick a few to throw up on the front page.

It’s not just a day. I got put on the front page about 9 PM on Saturday night. This morning it was still on the front page. I just checked, and it moved off the front page within the last hour or two. So, it got featured for about 36 hours.

Suggestion. The bottom line seems to be – make a good presentation on a relevant topic, and hope that the editors see it. Promotion is good for views, but that alone won’t get you featured on the homepage. So, don’t game the system; just make a good presentation.

Was It Worth It?

Another good question.

I read somewhere that someone got featured on the homepage and got 30,000 views. That sounds fishy to me. The only way I’d believe that is if you were a “Presentation of the Day” and you’re one of the presentations on the top left of the homepage.

The regular features get viewed, but not that much. Over the first 24 hours, I got about 1,000 views. About 36 hours later (after it rotated off the front page), I’m up to a little over 1,600 total views – or 1,300 since it got featured.

From all 1,600+ views, I’ve gotten 10 visits to my blog. Doh. That’s not so good; less than 1%.

I’m still waiting for the final word on Amazon. On the first night (Saturday night), I did get a few clicks and a sale. The stats for Amazon Associates haven’t updated for Sunday, yet, so I can’t tell if the other 1,000+ views I got yesterday converted into Amazon traffic and/or commissions. However, I’m optimistic that all those views converted into a few dozen clicks and hopefully a few sales.

I’ve also posted a few new presentations for my edtech blog. They are being viewed at a much slower pace. But, it’s all a learning curve.

I definitely like Slideshare so far, and I think it’s a legitiate source of traffic, branding, and appeal. I like the fact that anyone can make it to the front page, and it really is a realistic goal. It’s no magical fountain of traffic, but it’s a market that everyone should branch out into.

I’ll report back in a week or two with some more numbers about my other presentations and reflect on how they’re doing.


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