Slideshare and Amazon: Some Statistics

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December 22, 2012 by Brian Rock

For the past two weeks, I’ve been experimenting with marketing on Slideshare. First, I created a presentation about gift ideas for photographers, and I included affiliate links to Amazon. I was curious if views on that presentation would convert into clicks.

Then, I was lucky enough to get that same Slideshare featured on the front page. Ok, cool. Not only is this great, but it provides me with a nice opportunity to look at outcomes  and potential ROI.

Now that a full week has gone by and I have both view statistics from Slideshare and click / sale statistics from Amazon, I thought it would be useful to match the two up and talk a bit about conversion rates.

Amazon and Slideshare Chart


The chart above summarizes both the views and clicks for the past seven days. A few observations.

Views spiked the day after being featured. My presentation went on the homepage about 9 PM on Saturday night. The highest day for views on Slideshare was Saturday. It got about 700 views on that day, and they’ve tapered off to about 150 to 200 per day.

Search brings in long term views. Thanks to the Pro Statistics on Slideshare (which I really don’t like much), I now know that this presentation is ranking for the term “gift ideas for photographers.” Thanks Slideshare and your awesome domain power! I think without this SERP placement, the views would have tapered off a lot farther. But I’m also wondering if that SERP placement is thanks to being on the front page for two days.

Views definitely equal clicks. The weeklong data certainly proves my initial assumption – views are going to convert into clicks. The subject (holiday gifts) and timing (holiday season) may have influenced the clickthrough rate. But, over the week, about 2500 views converted to 100 clicks. That’s about 4%. It also seems that as the week went on, the click through rate increased. I’m wondering if the search crowd is much more likely to click through to Amazon than the Slideshare crowd. The click through rate was 2.5% on December 16 (the highest day for Slideshare views) and 10.5% on December 21 (the last day, which is probably mostly search). Could be that search visitors are more highly targeted, whereas Slideshare visitors are just browsing and curious.

Clicks equal sales. In the past week, these 101 clicks have converted into 22 orders. That’s over a 20% conversion rate… wow! I’m guessing you can definitely attribute that to the targeted nature of the readers – people reading about gift ideas are really looking for gifts, and once they click through, they’ll buy something. A lot of these were small items (I didn’t sell any cameras or lenses), but income for the week will be about $25 to $30.

People buy all kinds of stuff. If you have used Amazon Associates before, then you know people buy all kinds of stuff. They click on your link, they shop Amazon, and you get credit if they buy something that day. Through these clicks, I sold some books, some shirts, and some other junk that I never marketed. But Amazon figured people would like them, and I still get credit! Which leads to the overall point that if you put eyes on Amazon, you’ll make money; and the more eyes the better.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the outcome. I know the traffic to this Slideshare will drop off some more next week when Christmas season is over, but it gives me some hope. An effective Slideshare can get featured and draw views, and a Slideshare integrated with Amazon can bring clicks and revenue.

Later in the week, I’ll write some about my opinion of the Slideshare “PRO” features. I’ve been using a month long free trial, and although I like it… I’m not impressed. Definitely not worth $18 / month.


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