More Hubs! And How to Self Cross Promote Responsibly

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January 1, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’m back to Real Work tomorrow, so I’ve been working like a fiend trying to get List of Webquests up and running. It’s almost there. It’s online and I’ve started promoting it, although there are still a few things I need to finish before I’d say it’s completely good to go.

One of the ways I’m promoting it is to build a set of “Tier 1” links, in SEO parlance, to link back to it. The goal is to publish a series of articles on HubPages, Yahoo! Voices, and Squidoo to get started. These are all solid websites with traffic, so in addition to links they’ll be able to send some referrals my way as well.

So far, I’ve finished three of the Hubs. Two of them passed muster and got featured, the third I just finished (literally ten minutes ago). But I’m sure it’ll be fine, and it’ll be featured tomorrow.

Avoiding the “Overly Promotional” Flag on HubPages

Some people don’t like HubPages because they moderate their content. That’s bad if you’re a spammer, trying to spin a crappy article and slap it up everywhere you can. That’s good if you actually know how to write. It means that the final product will be that much more valuable to you.

Here’s a quick tip about HubPages, though. If you include too many links, you’ll get flagged and your hub won’t go up. There’s a limit on total links (1 link per 50 words), and you can only include 2 links to any single domain (besides authoritative domains like Wikipedia).

That doesn’t mean you can only include two self-promotional links in your Hub, though. There’s an easy way around that.

The solution? Link to other things besides you’re main website. For example, link to other hubs you wrote. You could also link to things like Slideshare presentations or Scribd documents. Or, what I did with these hubs, you can host your RSS feed with Feedburner and link to the feed. That’s still going to drive visitors and link juice back to your main site, but you’re not directly linking to your site.

This allowed me to put get three promotional links into a hub – two to deep pages on my website and one to my RSS feed on Feedburner.


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