Reviving a Digital Photography Blog Killed by Panda

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January 13, 2013 by Brian Rock

Don’t know why, but today I decided it was time to do something with my digital photography blog. I thought about working on it over Christmas break, but I was pretty consumed with my edtech blog and then with my new webquest project.

Writing About the Canon t3i and the Canon t4i

But, today the itch hit me. So I wrote up a guide to comparing the Canon t3i vs t4i. A bit on the camera, in case anyone’s interested. The most successful article on DPHT was an article comparing the Canon t1i, the Canon t2i, and the Canon t3i. There were only minor improvements between the three models, and I advised people to stick with the cheaper Canon t1i unless they specifically needed those incremental improvements.

This time, there is a pretty major difference. The Canon t4i comes with a whole new image processor, Canon’s DIGIC 5 processor. This gives it a huge boost in processing power that helps it reduce noise and thus increase potential ISO ratings. It’s also got an increased FPS, which I’d appreciate when taking pictures of sports. For the first time in the EOS Rebel line, I’d recommend that anyone buying a camera buy the top of the line instead of opting for an older model.

If you want to know more, read the full guide here.

But More About the Site…

The site got slapped with a Panda penalty back in May. I’m guessing it was for over-optimization of keywords. I had done some link building for that my Canon t1i vs t2i article and a few others that were doing well or moderately well. They all went from being first or second page in Google to being non-existant.

At the same time, the entire site hasn’t been knocked out. There are some other posts (which I didn’t do any link building on) which still rank, and the Canon t1i vs t2i post still ranks well for a keyword that I never used in my linking. It’s #1 for “Canon t1i vs t2i vs t3i” and that’s about it.

So I’m hoping that a) the site will be fine if I move forward and b) diversifying the anchors on those old pages will help revive them and/or clear any penalties that might be affecting the rest of the site. I don’t expect that old t1i vs t2i article to be very valuable right now, since most people will be searching for the t3i or t4i instead. But there were a couple other articles that are more timeless, and I could use that search engine traffic to help bring the site back to life.

Potential Duplicate Content Penalties

I also had a potential problem with duplicate content penalties. I had a lot of tags (too many tags), and some of them had identical indexes. I went through and cleaned up my whole site taxonomy, eliminating most of those tags that I hadn’t used very much. I’m hoping that will also help eliminate any penalties the site might have been experiencing.

Slowly Build Content, Build Diverse Links

I’m not ready to dive in and treat this like a full time blog again. Frankly, my hands are full right now with my other projects.

Instead, I plan on giving this a little bit of work in my spare time. I plan on writing one or two posts a week to slowly add some new, searchable content.

At the same time, I plan on building some links to the homepage and to these new pages with a lot of diversified anchor text (including naked URL’s and generic keywords) to help make a more natural link profile and remedy the old problems.

If in a few months I haven’t gotten anywhere, I might just give up completely. But I figure I should know by March or April whether there’s any hope for the site at all. If I can bring it back to life, then it will probably be way more profitable than Tech and Teaching and Rockin’ Webquests in the short term, and that’s one reason I want to get it going again. It’s nice to have that extra cash rolling in every month.


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