Finally Published My First (Free) eBook


January 20, 2013 by Brian Rock

All About Webquests CoverIt’s been a few weeks in the making, but I finally finished my first eBook – All About Webquests. You can see a preview of the eBook on Slideshare and on Scribd. Or, you can sign up for my newsletter at Rockin’ Webquests to get access to the full book.

This is a pretty standard idea in list building and content marketing. To help market and monetize your website, you want to build an e-mail list. To do that, you usually want to offer people something – like a free download. Designers often offer icon sets, templates, themes, etc. Other content marketers can offer what they do best – content.

The website, Rockin’ Webquests, is all about webquests. There are a series of pages that discuss what webquests are and how to use them in class. What I don’t discuss as much on the website, though, is how to make webquests. I hint at it a lot, and then I suggest people download the eBook. The idea is to whet their appetites, and then they’ll be eager to download the book (hopefully).

In theory, all you have to do is combine a bunch of blog posts and content you’ve already made into a PDF file. I hate doing anything half-assed, so I went all out and designed what I think is a pretty nice looking eBook in InDesign. It’s a pretty simple design, but I like the landscape format, the colored bar across the bottom, and the colored quotes in the margin. I think it makes the whole thing much more appealing and professional.

In the long term, I also plan on revising this to make a Kindle eBook and sell that on Amazon. I’m going to add a few extra chapters with some extra content, change the formatting a little to work better on Kindle, and sell it for $4.99. Hopefully, Amazon’s marketing power will sell a few books, and I can both promote myself and make money at the same time. Now that’s a win-win situation.

But my goal for that is around Spring break (April / Easter). So we’ll see how that works out…


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