HubPages Lesson #2: Don’t Link Directly to Sign Up Pages

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January 21, 2013 by Brian Rock

Well, you live and learn, eh? A few weeks ago, I wrote about my first little snafu with HubPages. I had two hubs unpublished and flagged for violations because I sent a little traffic exchange traffic to them. Well, the good news is that a week later I was able to get them republished with no problem.

Today I had my second run-in with the HubPages terms of service. I guess they are a little picky, like people say…

Like I wrote yesterday, I finally finished and published my eBook on creating webquests. I posted a preview on Slideshare and Scribd, and I wrote up a quick hub summarizing part of the book. The hub itself was useful, so it wouldn’t get flagged by being substandard. However, I included a link at the end to the subscription page on Rockin’ Webquests. Made sense to me. After you read a hub about creating a webquest with WordPress, you might want to download an eBook that goes into more detail about the whole process.

Well… it turns out you can’t do that. The ToS at HubPages is overly broad in some places, but it says that you can’t link to pages that market eBooks, to squeeze pages, or to lead collection pages. I guess somebody happened to click through to the link, and then they flagged the hub for an editor to review. The editor then marked the link as inappropriate. I had to remove all the links from that article to my site before I could submit it for republication. We’ll see later today or tomorrow whether or not it gets cleared.

The good news is that the flagging of my site appears to have only affected that article. I started a new hub, inserted a link to my site, and I didn’t get a warning that I was linking to a prohibited site.

Lesson for the future: Link to content on the site. Don’t link to the subscription page. It’s not ideal for conversions, but getting some visitors and link juice is better than getting flagged and having the hub removed completely.


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