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January 23, 2013 by Brian Rock

Last week, I wrote about getting back to work on my digital photography blog. After doing some editing, removing some tags, doing a little link-building, and adding a new article, I’m not very happy with it’s progress. I guess maybe it’ll take some time. It could take another month or two for any old penalties to go away, if these changes actually helped at all.

But then I remembered… I can publish things at Slideshare too. So, I put together a quick presentation on the same topic as my new article – Canon t3i vs t4i: Choosing a Camera.

I fired off some tweets, got it featured on the front page that evening for being “Hot on Twitter,” and it picked up a few hundred views. A few days later, the presentation is now sitting on the second page of Google for the same keywords I was hoping that my article on Digital Photography How would rank.

I also just checked my initial Slideshare about 12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers, and it’s still sitting pretty in Google a month after it was published and featured on the homepage.

I’m feeling good about the possibilities of using Slideshare as a good tool to rank for target keywords. I’m not feeling so good about the possibility of my blog every recovering. But more on that in the next post…


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