Moving On and Starting a New Photography Blog

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January 27, 2013 by Brian Rock

After giving it some thought, I decided that it is time to admit Google won. I’m going to be eventually pull the plug on Digital Photography How To and start a new photography blog.

I’ve been working this weekend on putting it together. Here’s my basic plan of action.

  • Reuse the good content from DPHT. I already rewrote a few of the popular articles and posted them to the new blog. When I’m ready to launch, I’ll be redirecting people from the old posts on DPHT to the new posts on the new blog.
  • I established a category structure with seven categories (Digital Photography Basics, Shooting with Your Camera, Processing Images, Sharing/Printing Images, Layout & Design, Buying Gear, and Yearbook Stuff). One of the problems with DPHT was that I had too many categories, and even after paring it down I still had a dozen or so.
  • To get things started, I plan on rewriting and reusing more of the original content from DPHT, but letting a bunch disappear. There were some good informative articles there, but there was also a lot of filler. The good stuff will give me a month or two of content to start with, so I can get off the ground without a lot of work.
  • Once the site is generating it’s own traffic (I’ll define that as 50 to 100 visits a day), then I plan on cutting off the redirect from DPHT. I plan on either selling the domain / website or just non-renewing the domain. So at some point, I need to cut loose and stop redirecting.
  • Once the site is “ready,” I’ll be writing a few articles on HubPages and creating a few Slideshares to promote it a little bit. I’ve already got two slideshares promoting DPHT, so I’ll probably revise those with links to the new blog instead of the old one.

Unlike the edtech niche (which I’m still working on and happy about), I know that digital photography is profitable. I know how to make it work so that I can make some money. And I’m hoping that I can get some significant traffic to this site and significant income within the next six months.

The edtech projects are far more long term in nature, and they’re more about building a brand and selling myself than making short term income off advertising and Amazon sales. But that’s not the case with the photography blog, and if I can pull in a couple hundred visits a day I know that it’ll be valuable.

Anyhow, I plan on “launching” the blog this week or next weekend. I’ll be back with links when it goes live.


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