So Was Ditching the Old Domain a Good Idea?

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January 30, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’ve written a good deal in the past few weeks about my old digital photography blog and it’s fate. Last week, I decided that it was silly trying to recover from the Google Penguin penalty the domain received last year, and I started the process of building a new, similar site from the ground up on a new domain – Rockin’ Photogs.

Part of the reason for this was that I had written a few new posts and tried to do some new linking on the old domain to remove the penalty. I may not have waited long enough to see the results, but I just wasn’t very optimistic. The new posts were literally nowhere in the SERPs, and they should have at least shown up somewhere in the top 100.

So, was the move a good idea? It’s too early to say whether this will prove profitable in the end, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. I had written a post on the old domain comparing the Canon t3i and t4i, and it simply didn’t rank at all. I revised the post and put it up on the new domain. I just checked today, and the new version of the post popped up around #50 in Google.

Oddly, the Slideshare I made based on the same topic is still ranking in the top 20 for one keyword, but it completely disappeared from the rankings (after being #13 to 15 for a week) for a slightly different keyword. Go figure… Google is a fickle beast. Maybe it’s just dancing around and it’ll pop back up in a few days.


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