Update on Rockin’ Photogs and the Blog Restart: So Far So Good

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February 3, 2013 by Brian Rock

It’s been about a week since I’ve relaunched my old digital photography blog as Rockin’ Photogs. And looking back over the week, I can definitely say I’m happy I made the move. I’m pleased with the way things are going, and I feel confident that I can now get back to making some real progress (and profit) in publishing about photography.

A quick recap, if you haven’t been following along. My old digital photography blog was demolished by Google’s Penguin updates last year. I went from getting 500 to 1,000 visits a day to getting maybe 5 to 10. And despite some (admittedly feeble) attempts to fix it, things didn’t improve. So, I bought a new domain, started republishing (and revising) some of the most successful content, and set off to rebuild my previous success.

Thanks to a few redirects (I used 302 redirects to hopefully avoid any potential Google penalties), I’m getting around 40 to 50 visits a day. And the best part is that 10 to 20 of those visits are from Google. Google likes me again, woot!

Google analytics chart with Google visits for Rockin' Photogs.Here’s the Google Analytics data for the past week. This is only showing organic search visits from Google. They peaked at 20 on the best day, and averaged about 10 to 12. That’s not amazing no, but it is pretty nifty considering I’ve just launched the blog this week and I only have about 10 articles posted.

Google analytics chart with statistics for Google visits to Digital Photography How To.By contrast, here’s the stats from the old blog. This was roughly two weeks ago – the week leading up to when I launched Rockin’ Photogs. Here, I had a peak of 13 or 14 visits, and the average was below 10. This, despite the fact that I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 to 250 posts published.

Old Google Analytics chart for my digital photography blog with Google visits.And here, as a reference, is the same table for a week last April – shortly before Google’s Penguin update knocked me down a few (dozen) pegs. It’s a long way down… and a long way back up. But hopefully, I’ve finally started that climb back up.

Goals Moving Forward

So where do we go from here? We keep building, and we keep improving. Let’s set some goals, and I’ll talk about how I’m going to achieve those later in the week.

First, I want to see those visits climb. In the next few months, I’ll be happy when I get an average of 75 to 100 organic visits a day. That, to me, is the tipping point where the site is beginning to grow into it’s potential. Definitely a long way to go, but at this point I’d feel comfortable cutting off the redirects and either selling or just not-renewing my old domain.

Second, I want to see some AdSense revenue coming in. I know that I can conservatively estimate about $5 CPM. In the next few months, I’d be happy if I could get back to about $25 to $30 per month. Which means I need about 6,000 page views per month or 200 page views per day.

In the long term, however, I’ve got some more ambitious goals. The above milestones seem achievable in a few months (May or June). The next step, which will mark the shift from a fledgeling to a successful site, is to reach about 500 visits per day. That would put me in a place where I could expect to reach the AdSense payout threshold ($100) each month, and I would probably be able to rake in some significant Amazon earnings as well.

If I could reach or be close to that goal by the end of the year – which is ambitious but reachable – I’ll be set up nicely to start next year off on the right foot.

So a course is struck, and the ship has set sail. More on the tactics I’ll use to get there later. But for now, wish me luck… and maybe go read this article on Canon’s DPP software.





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