New Hubs on Digital Photography and HubPages Earning Potential

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February 18, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’ve been working on some new hubs on HubPages to promote my digital photo blog. I published three of them this weekend:

Understanding ISO Sensitivity and the Exposure Triangle. This hub discusses ISO sensitivity and how it affects the exposure of an image. It also uses a few example images to discuss the side effect of ISO – noise.

Understanding Aperture and the Exposure Triangle. This hub defines the term “aperture,” explains what a diaphragm is in your lens, and discusses how aperture effects exposure. Example images are also used to demonstrate the concept of “depth of field” and how different apertures will effect this depth of field.

Understanding Shutter Speed and the Exposure Triangle. This hub examines the relationship of shutter speed and exposure. There are suggestions for appropriate shutter speeds for different situations. Example images also demonstrate the potential side effects – camera shake and motion blur.

Earning Potential on HubPages

I initially signed up for HubPages and started publishing things purely for SEO purposes. I wanted to publish articles with backlinks to my pages from a domain with a high authority, similar to Yahoo! Voices.

However, HubPages also lets you earn money from your writing, just like the Yahoo Contributor Network. And after two months there, I’m starting to get a little curious about the earning potential from this network.

At Yahoo! Voices, you earn up to $2.00 per 1,000 impressions. That’s a fairly low CPM, but it doesn’t matter what you write about. Some topics that would earn you next to nothing with AdSense will still earn you $2.00 CPM, and like that. I don’t make a ton of money from Yahoo! Voices, but my 150+ articles are earning a steady $30 to $40 per month now.

At HubPages, you earn a varying CPM from views. It’s unclear exactly what determines this CPM, but on average I’ve seen a CPM of about $4 to $5. This seems really high, but you only get credit for 60% of the views that come to your hubs. The other 40% go to HubPages (or to the person that referred you) in a “revenue sharing” model. In the long run, then, you likely earn about $2 to $3 actual CPM – similar to Yahoo! Voices.

I highly doubt that I’ll be earning any grand amount of money from HubPages, and I don’t really have an intention to. But, it would be nice if I could build up a base of Hubs to earn a small but significant amount of money – just like Yahoo! Voices. If I could build up a portfolio of hubs to earn $25 to $50 / month, like Yahoo! Voices, I’d be pretty happy.

They also offer an “Apprentice Program,” where you can get an upfront payment for some hubs. I’m considering signing up for this and milking it for what it’s worth. More on that later.


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