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February 26, 2013 by Brian Rock

At the beginning of the month, Netflix released it’s new series, House of Cards. The series tracks the political machinations of Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip played by Kevin Spacey.

It’s an intense and intriguing portrayal of Washington, American politics, and the twisted relationship between government, media, and interest groups in America. It’s an interesting drama on its own, and its worthwhile watching for the questions it raises about our political system.

After watching the series (and later watching the original BBC mini-series), I had a few ideas for things I wanted to write. Not having any particular blog related to TV or to politics, I decided to write a few hubs on HubPages about the series and my reactions to it.

Is It Possible or Realistic to Replace the Speaker of the House? In one episode, Underwood tries to orchestrate a coup that will replace the Speaker of the House. I was immediately curious if there was any historical precedent for this, since I couldn’t think of an example when this had ever happened. I did some research, and wrote up this hub to explore the issue.

Can the vice President Run for Another Office? Later in the series, there’s a plot twist where the Vice President considers running for Governor in Pennsylvania. Again, I was curious if there was any precedent for a sitting Vice President running for office and resigning his seat to take the new office. After some research, I put this hub together.

What Can Students Learn About American Government from the Show? I teach American Government and Politics, and one reason I love the show is that it raises some poignant questions about American politics. It also pierces the veil of government in DC. While it pushes things to the extreme, it’s probably a lot closer to reality than many people’s misconceptions about how the government works.

Comparing the BBC Version with the New Netflix Original Series. I wrote this last hub the other day after I finished watching the first part of the BBC mini-series. That story arc roughly matches up with the story arc told in the first season of the Netflix series, and there were both similarities and differences between the two. I thought it would be worth writing up a little comparison.

Read the hubs if they sound interesting, and definitely go watch the show. I wasn’t sure about it, so I watched one episode. I was immediately hooked, and I ended up finishing the whole season in two days.


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