Tutorial Directories: Targeted Traffic and SEO Backlinks

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March 8, 2013 by Brian Rock

Tutorials and how to guides make for great content. They’re extremely searchable, and people like to share them – linking, tweeting, Facebooking, etc.

But writing and sharing tutorials can also be a great form of content marketing. There are tons of “tutorial directories” out there, and you can submit your tutorial from your own site to be included.

A lot of these sites cover various aspects of the technology niche – web design, programming, photography, graphic design, Photoshop, etc. So this isn’t something that will work for everyone. But, if you find a tutorial site with decent PR/Domain Authority and some traffic, its well worth submitting your own tutorials.

For photography and design, I used to use Pixel2Life. I submitted my first few tutorials there back in 2010, but I just submitted two new ones from Rockin’ Photogs last week. You can see these (and any later tutorials that I submit there) on the source site page for Rockin’ Photogs.

The trick is to find a directory that a) has some traffic and b) is moderated. Anything that auto-approves and auto-posts every submission will inevitably be inundated with spam. And a site that has zero traffic isn’t all that worthwhile.

In this case, Pixel2Life is kind of old, and I don’t know how much traffic it still gets. But it is a moderated directory, so at least the links should have some decent SEO value. There are a few other sites that publish tutorials about Photoshop and Lightroom, so I plan on utilizing some of them moving forward.


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