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March 10, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’ve started working on the goals I mentioned earlier in the week, and I’ve written some new photography stuff this weekend.

Yesterday, I wrote and published a post titled, “Taking Photography Out of the Studio: Building a Portable Lighting Kit” on Rockin’ Photogs. A wrote up a similar article on HubPages this morning, titled “What to Buy for Your First Portable Lighting Kit.”

Both articles are rather long winded and lengthy, and they’re meant to be thorough guides to shopping for a portable lighting kit. They also seem like a perfect topic to be adapted to a Slideshare (like my old Slideshare on Christmas gift ideas for photographers), so I’ll probably work on that later today. But they’re also meant to be commercial, profitable pieces. They are layered with both good advice and affiliate links to Amazon.

These are the types of articles that, if they can get some targeted traffic, will earn lots of money. And ultimately, that’s what we’re hoping for…

I also published a new article on Yahoo! Voices early in the week: “How to Launch a Photography Business Without Your Own Full Time Studio.” I originally pitched it to a blog as a guest post and they declined, so I decided to post it there instead. At the end of the day, I still got a valuable backlink out of it (although I’d rather have the guest post), and if I’m lucky it’ll earn some cash at Yahoo! as well.

In other news, my article comparing the Canon t3i vs t4i is picking up some steam in the SERPs. It’s hovering right around #10 and #11. Hopefully as it ages a bit and I get a few more links, it can break into the first page. Like the lighting articles, that’s a potential earner, so I’ll be real happy if it improves a little bit more.


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