My Current Top Five Articles on Yahoo! Voices (for February)

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March 11, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’ve been in a reflecting mood lately, and so I decided to take a quick look at my Yahoo! Voices library and see what’s performing well this month.

Out of 161 articles, I’ve got five that are grabbing 1,000+ views a month. I’d consider that pretty successful. I’ve got about another ten that are getting somewhere between 500 to 1,000. These are moderately successful. I wish they got more views, but every little bit adds up. The rest get less than 500 views, and some get just about zero.

But anyhow, here are the top five:

What Is a Modeling Comp Card and How Do I Make One. I wrote this quite some time ago to link back to my old digital photography blog and drive some traffic to comp card templates that I’d put up. It was a good referral source, and I’m a little annoyed now that I can’t edit the article to change the links from my old blog to my new one.

Five Reasons Why Students Should Be Allowed to Have Cell Phones in Schools. I don’t know why I wrote this. But it’s a good example of how Yahoo! Voices / HubPages can be a great home for otherwise non-commercial material. This has no SEO value for me, and I have nowhere else to publish it. But it’s 1,000+ views a month is earning me $2+ at Yahoo! Voices.

What Do You Need to Make a Do It Yourself Photobooth. This was another promotional piece for DPHT. I was planning on making my own photobooth (which is still halfway done in my shed), and I wrote a series of articles describing the process. This summarizes the beginning planning stage.

How to Install Canon Software Utilities without the CD / DVD. This was a wildly popular topic on DPHT, and it’s a popular topic on Yahoo! Voices, too. I’ve moved the original articles to Rockin’ Photogs, so again I’m upset I can’t change the links in this article. But they’re still getting some good search traffic on their own.

What To Do If Your Compaq Presario Laptop Won’t Turn On. And, the #1 article, is about computer repair. I fixed one of my students’ computers, so I wrote up the problem real quick. Apparently it’s popular, cause this is pulling in close to 2,000 views a month. I’m not complaining, and it probably took me less than a half hour to write.

Incidentally, only one of these (the Compaq Presario article) is in my top 10 all time list. Most of the other ones on that list are older, but get less views per month (to the order of several hundred). There are also three articles on that list about WoW from several years ago that were wildly popular at the time, but are now completely and utterly useless and outdated.


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