Goals Update: Income and Traffic in March 2013

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April 1, 2013 by Brian Rock

March comes to a close, and looking back I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. I’ve made some small but significant steps towards reaching my goals, and it’s always nice to get some confirmation (via real traffic and income) that you’re headed in the right direction.

Perhaps the real danger is that I’ve got so much on my plate and I’ve planned so many things that it’s hard to keep up with them. I’ve already stopped spending much time with two of my projects (Tech and Teaching and Rockin’ Webquests). But hey, neither of them was going to be very profitable. If I stick with one thing in the short term, I want it to be Rockin’ Photogs – and I can work on those other projects when and as I have time.

Rockin Photogs – March 2013

In terms of traffic, Rockin’ Photogs had a huge increase from February to March. March saw 3,954 unique visitors and 5,756 pageviews according to Google Analytics. That’s somewhere between double and triple the numbers from February. Yey!

AdSense was equally successful, with Rockin’ Photogs bringing in a shade under $40. Considering this is only month 2 for this project, I’m very pleased with those numbers. My goal is to keep writing and promoting in April, and hopefully I can get closer to that $50 goal as well as 5,000 unique visitors per month.

As far as Amazon goes, I sent about two dozen visitors to Amazon but nobody purchased anything. I wouldn’t expect them to, anyway. Amazon is a numbers game, and you need a consistent amount of visitors (100s per month) to reliably get sales. But, one of my Amazon-centric posts is slowly going up in the SERPs, so April and May might be better months for that.

Some posts from this month:

HubPages in March 2013

I don’t know why I got so sucked into HubPages. But… I am. While I’m writing hubs that support my other websites through backlinks, I’m also trying to establish an account that will earn me some income in its own right.

For most of the month, I seemed to be making progress. However, for the last week or so it seems that traffic to a lot of my hubs declined a bit and it’s not looking good anymore. Last month, I earned just under $5 and had around 1500 views. Unless something turns around quickly, I think April will be worse, because my best performing hub dropped a few spots in the SERPs (#3 to #7) and isn’t bringing in many visits anymore.

One thing I like is that I can essentially rewrite articles for Rockin’ Photogs on HubPages and still include Amazon links. This way, if I can rank both articles in the SERPs, I’ll capture a lot more of the visitors.

But I’ve written 38 Hubs. I’ve started experimenting with the “Exclusive Titles,” where HubPages suggests titles based on search data they’ve collected. I plan on hitting 50 hubs this month, and maybe I can get lucky and make some progress.

Some Hubs from this month:

Other Projects

Tech and Teaching saw some growth. Oddly, I didn’t hardly write anything, and I had an increase of 273 to 404 visits. Pageviews increased from 384 to 549. It always amuses me when you do nothing and visits increase. I have a week off from school, so I might (hopefully) write some stuff for that site.

Rockin’ Webquests also saw some growth. It went from 251 to 443 visits, and 652 to 876 views. I’m still planning on writing a Kindle eBook about webquests, and I think I want to publish it before summer – so that people can pick it up in the back to school craze in August. So I’m going to try and make some progress on this site too.

I really haven’t done anything with Yahoo! Voices, but I still pulled in about $35.00 for the month.

Slideshare, I’ve been slacking. There are some photography articles I’ve written that would make nice Slideshares, but I find that making a nice powerpoint is a lot more time consuming than writing an article. And I don’t have the time for it.

But anyway, that draws March to a close. To recap:

  • $48 (Google AdSense)
  • $35 (Yahoo! Voices)
  • $5 (HubPages)

For a grand total of $88 in the month of March.

Here’s to more traffic and at least $100 in April.


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