Weirdest Things I’ve Referred As Sales on Amazon

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April 23, 2013 by Brian Rock

The Amazon Associates affiliate program can be a great way to monetize some websites. If your article relates to a specific product or type of product – especially if it’s a review, buying advice, comparison, or shopping list – then including iframe images and links to those products are great ways to turn visitors into cash in pocket.

Last year, when my old digital photography blog started to really take off, the bulk of it’s income was coming from Amazon. It was generating a decent amount of Google AdSense income, but the Amazon income was growing much faster. Likewise, now that my new digital photography blog is starting to take off, it’s Amazon income is starting to take off at a much faster pace than its Google AdSense earnings.

A few things help. Advertise the right products (you won’t earn much if you’re advertising something that costs $4.99), write the right type of articles (comparisons, reviews, shopping lists, etc), and drive traffic to Amazon.

Even if people don’t buy what you’re linking to, you’ll earn credit for anything they buy at Amazon in the next 24 hours. Some visitors will log off and not buy anything, but others will go on to buy other things and earn you money. Amazon is great at selling things – and you’re getting a thank you for getting someone in the door.

Which brings me to the topic and title of this post: what are some of the oddest things that people ended up purchasing after following a link from my website? Here are a few interesting items, and keep in mind that all the products I advertised were digital cameras, accessories, or photography books.

  1. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra. Guess I had a photographer reading who also happened to be a new mother…
  2. I Am America (And So Can You!), by Steven Colbert. I love the TV show. I definitely never linked to the book. Maybe I should read it…
  3. 50 Nespresso Capsules. Can’t live without that instant coffee, or whatever this is… (I’ll stick with my Keurig coffee pot)
  4. B-12 Dots by Twinlab. B-12 vitamins? Really…?
  5. Pre-Seasoned Lodge Combo Cooker. This is cool. I want one.

There’s more to the list. And these may not be the strangest, necessarily, just some things that jumped out at me when I looked down the Orders report.

Any time I check that report and see something not camera related, I chuckle a bit, but I’m thankful for the earnings.

Anyone else have some interesting items they referred for sale by accident…?


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