We’re Back, Near the Top of the SERPs That Is

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April 25, 2013 by Brian Rock

April has been a good month, albeit somewhat confusing and stressful. Earlier in the month, I wrote about the brief period of success I had with a few articles about Canon’s newly released cameras.

For three days, the post was near the top of the SERPs for some nice keywords, and it was pulling in 200+ visits a day. Then, on the fourth day, it mysteriously jumped down to the second page. Another article that had been sitting at spot #10 for a while had started to rise, but then it too dropped down to the top of the second page.

Well, earlier this week, this started to look up. My post comparing the Canon t4i vs Canon t5i is again near the top of the SERPs. It is by far the best performing article I have at the moment. However, my earlier post comparing the Canon t3i vs Canon t4i is slowly rising in the SERPs and is beginning to receive a smaller but still substantial amount of traffic.

Then, there is a series of posts I wrote about downloading and installing Canon utilities without having the original CD. This post about downloading the Canon EOS Utility and this other post about downloading Digital Photo Professional (DPP) are both enjoying moderate success.

I’ve done some backlinking to help the two camera posts. This included some web 2.0 tier 1 links that I created manually, as well as some dofollow comments. I’ve learned from my earlier forays into SEO and internet marketing, and I’m trying to make sure that the website doesn’t have overly optimized anchor text. So hopefully I’m not in store for a penalty down the road.

One way or the other, April is poised to be a great month. I can’t wait till next week, so I can look over the full statistics in terms of views and earnings. And, if things keep up, May will be even better.

In other news, I wrote a hub about persuasive writing prompts for 3rd graders. In part, this was simply to link back to another hub I had written about persuasive writing prompts. It’s been about three weeks since I published the hub, and in the last few days it’s finally started to pick up some search engine traffic.

Right now, it’s pulling in 10 to 20 views a day, which in the long term equates to about 5,000 views per year (give or take). At the current HubPages payout rate, that’s about $15 a year. Not bad for a quick little article that was originally intended to boost another article and not really stand on its own.


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