Photography Articles, Georgian Court Fashion Show, and Color Temperature

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April 28, 2013 by Brian Rock

I’ve published a few new photography articles this weekend.

On Friday, I attended the Georgian Court University fashion show. It was a cool fundraising event for the local children’s hospital. You can see some pictures of the event on my Tumblr blog for Rockin’ Photogs. I was just taking pictures from the audience, but I caught some great pics of the runway.

This morning, I also made a post on Rockin’ Photogs about Lightroom. I’ve meant to write a whole series of posts about Lightroom, and I’ve gotten a bit delayed in doing it. This post is about how to use the Shadow slider to recover details in the dark areas of a photo. I use one of the photos from the GCU fashion show as an example. Expect more of these Lightroom tutorials and tips in the next couple months. My goal, by the end of the summer, is to have a dozen or two similar posts collected into one list.

Finally, this evening I wrote a new hub on HubPages. Rather, I finished a Hub that I had secured the exclusive title to a week ago. The hub is called, “Figuring Out the Temperature Of a Light Source in Photography.” As you might have guessed, it looks at how to determine the color temperature of a light source. I used another photo from the GCU fashion show as an example and demonstrated how to do just this in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

So, three posts in three different places this weekend. Two more coming tomorrow, on Tumblr and Rockin’ Photogs. I don’t think anything on HubPages. But maybe later in the week.


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