April Recap: Visits, Earnings, and Progress

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May 1, 2013 by Brian Rock

Today is May 1, and I’m eager to look back over April’s stats and do a quick recap. As I mentioned earlier, this was a great month… so I don’t feel like waiting for the weekend to do a quick accounting of what I accomplished.

Rockin’ Photogs

Let’s start with what is currently my main project. I made 11 posts in April – two about shooting sports photos, two about yearbook stuff, two about processing software, and five about Canon’s new April releases. These last posts were the majorly successful ones.

Thanks in large part to the great rankings my comparison of the Canon t5i vs Canon t4i achieved, April was a great month for visitors and page views. I had just shy of 10,000 visitors (9,714) and just over 12,000 page views (12,322). That was more than double the values for March – about 130% higher in terms of visits and 117% higher in terms of page views.

More visits naturally means more income. I had the best month so far (since last April, anyway) for AdSense – $67.63. Rockin’ Photogs alone was a shade over $50, and nice threshold to surpass. If things keep going at the current pace, I should be reaching the AdSense payout on a monthly basis by June. That’s even better than I had hoped.

Since a lot of these visits went to articles focused on products and Amazon links, this was also the first month I’ve seen significant earnings from Amazon (since last April). I referred a handful of Canon t4i’s and some smaller accessories this month, and I earned a shade over $200 from Amazon. I hate that there’s such a huge lag time on that payout – I won’t see that $200 until the end of June – but I’m hoping that this is a trend and I should be making at least a few hundred bucks from Amazon moving forward.

Unless something happens to knock my article down in the rankings, May should be an even better month. I had a surge in traffic the last two weeks, so a full month at these traffic levels should bring in an even larger number of visitors and income. Hopefully I can capitalize on this and push a few other articles up in the SERPs to diversify the traffic sources. I’d really hate to have my Canon t5i article drop a few spots and lose a large chunk of my traffic with it.

For the month, the top five posts were:

  1. A Comparison of the Canon t5i vs t4i
  2. A Guide to Downloading and Installing the Canon EOS Utility
  3. An Article About Sharedcontent.rpln Plugin and Indesign Compatibility
  4. A Guide to Downloading and Installing Canon’s Digital Photography Professional (DPP)
  5. An Article About the Max Image Size on Facebook

Rockin’ Webquests and Tech and Teaching

I feel a bit guilty for ignoring these two projects. One of these days (probably in the summer) I’ll get back into them full time.

I did write a bit on Tech and Teaching, mostly about my trip to Washington this summer to work at C SPAN. The two sites combined did bring in a couple bucks in AdSense earnings, but nothing impressive. They are gaining some traction in Google, though, so they’re moving in the right direction for the long term. Rockin Webquests got about 500 visits and 1,000 page views, while Tech and Teaching got about 400 visits and 600 page views.

I think once I get into the rhythm of writing for Rockin’ Webquests again, I can push that past 1,000 visits easily. Although I’m assuming that traffic to both sites will drop in the summer, while teachers are off, so I think my goal might be to get a bunch of content written and indexed or September – and push for a big increase in traffic then.

HubPages and Yahoo Contributor Network

I’m continuing to build these two accounts up as a way to diversify my income. My goal is to earn between $100 and $200 a month from them. Since this money goes to my Paypal account, I also tend to spend this (along with some money from other random advertising) on services to promote and backlink my projects.

On YCN, I earned $35.15 and had 17,577 page views. This was roughly the same as last month. Over on HubPages, I wrote a few hubs, and my total views started to pick up a bit. I earned about $5, and I had about 3,000 page views.

Obviously, I need to write and promote more at HubPages. That’s got the greatest potential for growth. When I have the time, I want to expand my collection of hubs on persuasive writing prompts – including this one about persuasive writing prompts on school rules, this one on persuasive writing prompts for third graders, and this one on persuasive writing prompts about healthcare reform.

So… April was a great month. Earned over $300, far more than I had anticipated earning in a month before the beginning of the summer. Between all of my writing, I got about 30,000 to 35,000 views. Now, the task is to write some more, promote some more, and make sure that May is better than April.


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