Tumblr, Queueing, and Building Followers

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May 8, 2013 by Brian Rock

So my efforts on Tumblr are doubling up. Although I thought I was going to push hard on Pinterest, I lost interest in that, but I think Tumblr might be something I can get into.

Like I posted earlier in the week, one thing I’m trying to do is capitalize on Tumblr by making posts of photoset with links back to Rockin’ Photogs or to my hubs. If the posts get re-blogged, which happens with good photosets, then each re-blog will include that same link. Unlike most social media, this is a way to use the power of social media for useful, juice-lending links.

Today, I also started working on a different Tumblr blog that was a bit simpler. The plan: reblog cool photos twice a day with a bunch of tags. This should help gather followers. These followers can then be leveraged in some way. I called it… Cool Pics. I know, exceedingly creative name.

The cool part? You can easily queue up posts that schedule themselves. Instead of scheduling each post manually, just add them to the queue and then set the queue up to post two posts per day.

This way I can spend an hour once a week, queue up a dozen or so posts, and then I’m done for the week. I don’t know that it’ll be all that profitable or helpful, but if I only spend one hour a week on the project… I don’t have to realize a whole bunch of return to make it worthwhile.

Not to mention it’s an enjoyable hour, since I’m pretty much just browsing through cool photos of track, sports, and fashion. Which I like doing anyway.


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