I started this WordPress blog a long time ago with a simple goal – to jump start SEO on new web projects and add a few links to my work around the web.

Since then, it’s kind of morphed into a different project. I am working on a few active projects (Tech and Teaching, Digital Photography How To, and Olinda Gibbons Photography), but none of these are oriented around publishing, web design, or writing.

I often find that I want to share information – about publishing, about web design, about building WordPress sites, whatever – that doesn’t fit into any of these other projects. So, this blog fills that role.

On the one hand, I post every few days or once a week to summarize what I’ve worked on throughout the week. In terms of SEO, this is a way to drive traffic to these other properties by leveraging the community and tagging power of WordPress.

On the other hand, this is a meta-blog about blogging, where I can write about what has worked for me, what hasn’t, and give others advice. So hopefully I’ll share something useful for you.

And yes, this is a barebones, basic looking blog. I didn’t bother to self-host it or create a fancy design. I just wanted a place to write down some thoughts and share them – and I thought a minimalist design would be good for that.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. Juat wanted to compliment you on this blog – it’s the best exposition of using Slideshare for content marketing that I’ve found. While I’m here, one question: do you know why some presentations don’t seem to get indexed by Google at all? Is that something you’ve come across? Thanks!

  2. Brian Rock says:

    Hey Andrew. Thanks… Glad somebody found all this helpful.

    As for your question, I haven’t had any problems with indexing. I just did a quick check, and all 9 of my presentations are indexed. That includes things on a couple different topics (photography, education, art history). I’ve found that Google picks them up pretty quickly, within a day or two of publishing.

    However, Slideshare is a huge site and it’s easy for a presentation to get lost in the fold. If a presentation isn’t getting indexed then I’d assume it’s a problem with linking. If Google finds the presentation, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t get indexed (unless maybe it’s duplicate content you’ve already published).

    I always embed my Slideshare somewhere with a link back to it (I created WordPress.com and Tumblr blogs for that specific purpose), which might help. Your profile page links to all of your presentations, so heightening the visibility of your profile might help – getting followers or following people, commenting on other presentations, and/or creating backlinks to your profile from other websites. Finally, if you can get a bunch of tweets/retweets about your presentation, it’s fairly easy to get a presentation featured on the front page (under “Hot on Twitter”) for a day, and I suspect that would pretty much guarantee your presentation gets indexed.

    You have a specific example of a presentation that isn’t indexed?

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