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Aside from this meta-blog about blogging, what am I working on around the web?

A Blog on Educational Technology

In October, I launched a blog about educational technology – Tech and Teaching. I spent the first month or two getting the theme straightened out, but in December I plan on pushing the promotion bit a lot harder. By early next year, hopefully I’ll have some traffic and a subscriber to show for it.

The purpose of this blog is three-fold. First, I want to share what I know about technology and help other teachers. Second, I want to share what I’m researching in grad school about educational technology. Finally, I want to build a brand for myself so that I can eventually publish some books and/or provide professional development to teachers.

I also created a smaller, companion website to go with this – Rockin’ Webquests. This has a more specific goal, which is to list and review webquests around the Internet and help teachers find ones to use in class (or to use as inspiration to create their own).

A Blog On Photography

Last year, my main focus was my photography blog. This was my first major success in blogging. Early in 2012, I was pulling down 1,000+ visits a day, and I was bringing in $4-500 / month. No full time living, but certainly a success in my mind.

But, come May, I got hit with the Google Penguin Slap. Not entirely sure what happened. But my traffic dove off a cliff, and with it went the income. I was disheartened throughout the summer and couldn’t bring myself to work on it.

Late fall 2012, I decided to pick up the pieces, dust off the blog, and try and move forward. I’ve decided that the old domain just isn’t worth saving, so I moved some of my good articles and picked up a new domain – Rockin’ Photogs.

Things are looking good so far. I’ve got high hopes for this project, and (unlike the educational technology blogs) I think it can profitable in the next 6 months or so.

Slideshares and Syndication

After doing some reading about traffic sources, I decided to give Slideshare a go. Supposedly you can get a huge boost if you’re featured on the front page, and even a mediocre presentation will continue to get some long tail views in the long term and drive traffic to either your blog or your Amazon affiliate links.

Check out my profile on Slideshare to see what I’ve been up to lately. The plan is to create presentations to promote both Tech and Teaching and Rockin’ Photogs. In order to get the maximum number of views, I’m trying to feel out the best way to promote these presentations. In addition to pushing them out on Google Plus and Twitter, I’ve created a set of blogs specifically to syndicate these slideshares.

Check out Digital Photography How To Slideshares on WordPress and Digital Photography How To Slideshares on Tumblr. My hope is that by publishing on these platforms and including tags, I can attract more viewers / readers. That’s part of the beauty of social media and web 2.0, you can tap into various user bases if you tag your content properly.

Associated Content / Yahoo! Voices and HubPages

It’s funny how things turn around. One of the first places I ever published online was Associated Content (now Yahoo! Voices). A decade ago, I was too souped to get a few bucks to publish an article. After a year or two of building up a collection of content, I was pulling in $20+ a month in passive income. Nothing to write home about, but I’ll take it.

When Google pushed out the Panda and Penguin updates last year, though, they knocked down traffic at AC (at least for my articles). Mysteriously, since early fall 2012, this traffic is rebounded. In November, I got a record number of article views and a record payout ($40+). Hey, I’ll take it.

And, I might just pick up and write a few more articles there. Not only do I get some income from the views, but they essentially work as guest posts for my SEO benefit. Check out my profile at Yahoo! Voices to see what I’ve written there lately.

I’ve started writing for HubPages much more recently. I started mainly for the SEO benefits, but I’m considering trying to build it into a small revenue stream like Yahoo! Voices. I’m only pulling in a couple bucks a month right now, but I’ll be happy if I can earn $50 a month from each site. Check out my HubPages profile to see what I’ve written lately on there.


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